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    E210882 Motherboard


      I have a hand-me- down computer with an Intel motherboard with ID#s of E210882 and D945GBI, etched on the board.  I have recently updated the RAM from 4gb to 8gb, on a Win 10, 64bit system.  OS recognizes only 3.25/8gb.  BIOS on the other hand recognizes all the sticks (8gb/4 slots).


      My thinking is to maybe update the BIOS? Remove/replace the CMOSS battery? 


      However I yet have to find any info based on either number.  After multiple attempts, the intel Driver Update Utility advises it cannot locate any drivers/information.  Manual searches, same results.



      My question is:  Where can I find Bios updates for this motherboard, or is 3.25/8gb, the best I can expect?



      Thank you in advance for your assistance.