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    PCIe 3.0 graphics card not booting in dg43gt


      Ok, having issues booting two different PCIe cards.  XFX R7 240 and GTX 750.  Documentation with DG43GT says it should automatically switch to PCIe graphics and that no BIOS changes should be necessary.  I recently flashed bios to version 0035.  Took it to a local repair shop and he got the X16 slot to boot with an 'older EVGA card' - (he didn't recall the model), and then tested one of my cards and says it is faulty(I don't think that is the case as I got it to boot in my son's PC).  About the only conclusion I can draw is that the motherboard (2.0PCIe X 16) can only support 2.0 cards.  Does that make sense?  Any other ideas?