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    Faceshift 2015 1.02 vs 2015 v2 versions.


      Is there such a thing like Faceshift 2015 1.02 and Faceshift 2015 v2? If there is, is there any significant differences between these two versions. Mine is the former one and how can I upgrade to the later version? Apple dissapointed me because it bought and disappered it from the market. I have read in one of the community forum that somebody have managed to use realsense sr300 versions after he installed the latest Intel sr300 DCM and the 2014 Intel sdk. When I tried it, mine doesn't work. I thought it is because mine is Faceshift 2015.1.02 version. The sr300 camera is not recognized by my Faceshift. I don't have any problem in keeping on and using the Intel F200 front camera but for some reason I like the sr300. Is there anyone who has any idea in solving the Intel realsense sr300 camera and Faceshift 2015 v1 recognition problem? Any atempt will greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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          Hi Jella,

          Thank you for reaching out.
          Faceshift is a third party software, so I would suggest you to contact them, here’s their website http://faceshift.com/studio/2015.2/. They should provide all information related to their product.
          Know that Faceshift was compatible with older versions of the SDK (2014 in fact), however, older versions of the SDK are no longer available to download. You might want to try to make it work with the latest SDK, but we can’t confirm that it will work.