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    Tech Trailer 7 for 'My Father's Face' RealSense PC game


      hi everyone,


      The seventh 'tech trailer' highlighting the use of RealSense technology in my company's forthcoming full PC game 'My Father's Face', is now available to view on YouTube!


      'My Father's Face' Tech Trailer 7 - YouTube


      The previous tech trailers released can also be viewed on the YouTube channel.


      sambiglyon - YouTube


      Edit: I thought it would be useful to provide some tech details about the hardware that the game is built and tested on.


      Camera: F200

      CPU: Haswell i3 (2014 4th generation processor)

      Memory: 6 gb

      OS: Windows 10

      Video card: Nvidia GForce GT 610 (2013 card)


      We highly optimize our programming in the Unity game engine to produce the best possible performance on a relatively low-spec workstation such as the one above to help ensure blazing fast, lag-minimized performance on the latest RealSense camera hardware on higher-end PCs with modern video cards and processors such as Skylake and Kaby Lake in the final release.


      The target platforms are PC and the "mixed reality" Intel Project Alloy headset.  Although an Alloy kit is not available yet, we researched it deeply from website news sources and YouTube hands-on videos to learn many details about its spec so that we could design around it to help the game to be speedily set up for use with it.


      For more details on designing for mixed reality, check out my articles on the subject.


      Experimenting with mixed reality