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    Color correction changes randomly on GMA 500


      I own an Acer Aspire One 751h, with an Intel GMA 500 graphics chip.  I am running Windows XP 32 bit with the latest driver from Intel's site (


      I keep the color correction values at the default level.  A few times a week when I wake up my computer from sleeping, the values will have changed by themselves.  Sometimes the change is minor, sometimes it is very noticeable, usually making the screen seem washed out.  When I go to the color correction, the provided graph of the settings usually shows a deviation from the straight line that is the default.  I can't hit restore to default right away, it is greyed out.  When I change any setting at all, the button becomes active again and I can click it to restore the true defaults.


      I run the laptop at different brightness settings (usually high but sometimes lower), different power schemes, and on and off the AC adapter frequently.  I don't know if the change is some software attempt to provide a "better" display setting based on my usage, or an actual bug.  Regardless, I'm gettting frustrated at having to continually change the color correction back to defaults every time, and it doesn't appear there is any way to make it stay there.  If anyone has some insight to the problem or has also experienced this, I would appreciate the feedback.