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    Any plans for a Aero+Trinity kit?




      According to this post: RealSense - Intel® Aero Compute Board and Intel® RealSense™ Technology for Wi-Fi* Streaming of RGB Data | Intel® Softwar… , the ready-to-fly kit uses Aero+Asctec Trinity together for the flight control. This combination looks really attractive to me, and I was wondering if Intel has any plans to sell both sometime in the future. Currently only Aero is available, and there is no information at all on the Trinity module (I don't know if this one is the same with the one mentioned on AscTec's website).


      In my opinion, the main unique part of the Intel Drone kit is just Aero+Trinity(AscTec technology)+Realsense. Other parts such as frame/ESC/motor/RC are not really special and can/should be replaced for specific applications of different users. So I would really like to see more information about the core components from Intel and how possibly they can stand out from similar products like those from Qualcomm and Nvidia.