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    Intel Matrix Storage Manager


      I had to do a fresh in stall of win 7. Every thing went fine. I upgraded to two 2 TB Samsung EVO 850 drives. Rebuild of RAID 1 was moving along fine -then I got a message that "A hard drive is missing - A hard drive has failed and RAID volume is degraded. Replace the failed drive"  System is still running fine on one drive.



      1) Is there a way that I can attempt a rebuild of RAID 0?

      2) Could it be the Intel Matrix Storage Console 8.9 that is the problem?

      3) What is the latest version of  Intel Matrix Storage Manager that will work with my Asus Sabertooth z77 motherboard?

      4) Is there a way to reformat my SSD drive and see if that fixes the problem?

      5) Other solutions appreciated..