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    DG43NB - Cant Install OS (Reboot Loop)


      Hi everyone,


      I just bought a Dg43nb + E7500 replaced thoses 2pieces and actualy when i rebooted my computer it all started with a beautiful bluescreen!

      Certainly i thought that it would be normal since its a new board and CPU and few IRQ or Drivers might go wrong so i just wiped the HDD and tryed a fresh install. Sadly its impossible to install anything.


      Hardware status:

      Mboard: Dg43nb

      CPU: E7500

      Ram: 2x1 gig OCZ PC2-5300 667mhz 4-4-4-12 1.9v

      Vcard: Evga 9800GTX+

      Sound: X-fi Fatal1ty Champion

      Sata2: Maxtor 200gig

      IDE: WD 200gig

      DvD: LG DVD-RAM Drive


      Previous MBoard/CPU: D975xbx1 + Pentium D 940 3.2ghz 2x2mb L2


      Problem is not simple so far, i've took off Video card, Sound Card, 2ndary HDD, and tryed single DIMM setup

      Also tryed 4-4-4-10 / 4-4-4-12 / 5-5-5-15 on 1.8v and 1.9v setup for RAM

      Also Disabled every onboard feature LAN, 1394, Sound, everything that can be disabled in BIOS

      I'd flash the Bios also with BIOS Update [NBG4310H.86A] which is the latest that came out on 22january 2010 Ver 0104.

      I've been trying to Install Win7 64x on a différent HDD WD1600 after a Low Level Format which seem not to do anything different.


      So whats happening..

      I install Win XP Pro 32bit SP1 and SP2

      I get throught the main setup from CD-Rom, Installation is going on then appear Instalation Device then at 50% computer freeze and reboot after 1min.


      Instalating Window 7 (x86 / x64) Both of them are Ultimate Version

      The installation seem to go pretty well, Windows copying files then it load the first loading bar (Green one) after this bar is done screen get blank for 1min then the computer reboot by itself.


      Ive been trying to install Win 7 (x86 / x64) in Safe Mode. The instalation complete, then the computer reboot to complete the installation get to the main Windows 7 Loading Icon then computer crash again and 1min later computer reboot by itself again.


      Ive been able to access WinXP 32 SP2(Safe Mode) been trying to install Chipset Feature then it just crashed the whole OS and i never been able to access Safe Mode or even Safe Prompt Mode

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          According to the RAM information that you provided you are using 1.9 volt RAM. So I would strongly recommend testing with fully compatible RAM as the one listed at:



          Also if the RAM is not the issue, then I would recommend testing the processor in a known working and compatible motherboard to make sure if the issue follows the motherboard or the processor.

          If you do not have a spare motherboard to test with, perhaps you can test the processor in a friend's motherboard or by taking the processor to a local computer store for them to test it for you.


          Finally you can try doing a CMOS clear as instructed at:




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            memtest86 been done! Successful

            Win7 Ultimate : Memory Diagnostic done in 2pass! Successful

            OCZ 667mhz PC2-5300 Manual Setting at 5-5-5-15 1.8volt.. Working!

            This ram can handle both 1.8v or 1.9v no big deal..


            I've heard of a possibility of the Esata controler drivers aka Intel Esb2 Sata AHCI might not be right and it would be required to Turn off the Esata feature in the BIOS before installing news drivers before enable it again.

            I will check it out tomorow since my comp is being tested atm at Tech Center.

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              Restarting issues can be due to many reasons, it is difficult to point out whether it is software issues or hardware issues. You will need to do your test by yourself. I am going to point some hints for you to do.


              - It may be something short-circuiting the board or may be the board is already short-circuited by the front panel connection. So try to test the system out of the chassis. Boot up the system using a screwdriver by short-circuiting the right pin (check on the TPS for information, dont use the front panel header)
              - Replace the RTC battery.
              - Use latest BIOS
              - Populate only one memory and see if it makes any difference.
              - Try with some other model memory not same make.
              - Cross-test with another power supply.
              - Cross-test the CPU (another compatible CPU model)


              Note: Your memory is on not the list of compatibility. Even though, you can make it work by changing the settings, it does not mean that it is validated.


              - One of the most common causes of Windows shut down problems is a bug in Roxio’s Easy CD Creator (particularly version 5)

              - Another common cause of system restarts is the Wake On setting.
              - Check the Windows Event Log if there is any errors.
              - Make sure to have the latest uptodate patch and service pack for windows.


              All the best,


              Kind Regards,