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    [NUC5i7RYB] - With UEFI mode and SSD disks are not detected from the Bios




      Here is my configs :


      Bios version :


      Intel Core i7-5557U CPU 3.10GHz


      Two SSD disks : TS128GSSSD370S and Samsung SSD 85

      chipset sata : checked

      chipset sata mode : AHCI


      Here are my partitions with GPT :


      /boot -> flag ESP

      /system : luks+lvm

      /dev/sdb1 -> /home


      1/ I set chipset sata mode into RAID but it does not work.

      2/ I installed a linux with a iveCD, and it detected the disk device as /dev/sda /dev/sdb

      3/ secure boot is not checked

      4/ legacy boot priority is not checked

      5/ i can not find any Bios update driver for this model of NUC, is it not normal ?


      Thank you in advance for yur feedback.


      Peace !