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    DP55WG has 4F error code and no display


      Hey guys


      I really need some help plz


      I assembled a new machine for my client:

      DP55WG board

      i5 650 CPU

      GeForce GTS250

      4GB Ram


      On the first bootup, the machine got stuck on the 4F error code, with no display. I googled around a bit and stumbled accross this feed.



      I then follwed the instructions, downloaded the Bios file, burned it to CD, removed the BIOS jumper and booted the machine with the CD in the CD Drive.

      It does look like the machine reads the CD drive (if i look at the LED on the drive) but i still have no display. The error code on the machine is given as code 26 (to which is there is no reference in the manual at all)


      I then installed a different display card, and the same happens, no display at all.


      Since the board does not have onbard display, and although it reads the CD drive but have no display, i cant update the BIOS to newest version.


      Any suggestions...?





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          Hi GreenyZA   POST code 26 is within the Memory detection section of othe BIOS it would appear. You might want to do a few things to verify this. First boot with no memory installed, if you get three beeps from the speaker that's a good sign. Second verify the memory is compatible with the board by checking the documentation or online. Also try to use the Back-to-BIOS button (white but lights red when pushed) on the rear panel. The Back to BIOS button will make the system boot with default BIOS settings even if there is bad info in there. And the last thing I would suggest if all else fails is to inspect the CPU socket for any bent pins. The memory controller is now part of the CPU and bent pins in the socket could cause memory issues.



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            Thx for the suggestions.


            I removed all ram and i do get the three beeps.

            I checked and the RAM is supported (Kingston DDR3 1333). I also used the same type of RAM on an Smackover with an i7 and that worked 100%.

            I tried the Back to Bios Button. With the Bios jumper in place the POST code is 4F. Without the jumper it does boot from CD and goes further through POST codes but end up stuck on POST 26.

            I then removed all RAM and tried each of the 2 modules individually. Same problem.


            I removed the CPU cooler, inspected the CPU and the main board pins. All the man board pins are in tact and bent pins can be seen. CPU also looks fine.


            At no stage did i get any display.


            Anything else i can try?



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              From the technical specification of your motherboard Post code 26 means optimizing memory setting. I think you should wait for a while, enough for the optimization to finish.

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                When removing the BIOS jumper and powering the machine on (with the CD in the drive containing the BIOS ISO) the post code cycles ...

                26 - for 6 seconds

                31 - for 6 seconds

                33 - for 2 seconds


                Then it cycles again but very fast so i can not see all the POST codes and goes to 26 / 31 /33 again  ... like a loop ...


                With the BIOS jumper in place (normal)... and Back to Bios button switched off ... it still only goes to 4F.


                With the BIOS jumper in place(normal) ... and Back to Bios button switched on ... it the POST codes cycles very quickly ... gets stuck on 36 for a while (3 seconds) does this for a  number of times, en then gets stuck on 4F again.


                During none of these procedures i get any sort of display from my monitor. I even plugged monitor into other pc to check that screen is still working .. i does still work.


                I have ben batteling with this motherboard for 3 days non stop now ... i think its time to call it a piece of crap ... and move on .

                Will be taking it to the suppliers tech guys to check it out ... and hopefully they can either fix this or replace it.


                During the last couple of months i have had several problems with various intel boards, either out of box failures or Bios issues ... and i'm gradually becoming tired of spending so much time troubleshooting brand new hardware that is suppose to work without trouble ...





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                  Sorry to hear about your problem. In your orignal post you stated that you cannot find any reference in the manual of post code 26. So I'm just supplying the info that it is in the technical specification and the indicated meaning. Since you also stated that it got stuck at 26 so I'm suggesting to wait. Now that you have explained it thoroughly I withdraw such a suggestion.

                  Hope you will be able to solve the problem.



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                    I just bought a DP55KG, processor and memory to update my system.  At boot-up the board would stop at the same "4F" error code with no display, it would access all the drives and would continually cycle on and off for a while and then just stop at 4F with no display or drive action.  I had to go through the BIOS recover sequence with the latest BIOS loaded on a CD.  After that it worked great. Getting the CD in was a challenge.  You have to catch it between power recycles and then just leave it in and cycle power yourself.  Make sure you use the ".BIO" file to load the BIOS.

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                      mark wattam


                      I assembled a new machine for my



                      i5 660

                      4GB DDR3 Patriot 1333

                      GeForce 9800 GT 1GB x16


                         i not load the file .BIO in cd, remove the jumper and the post code 26 and 31. Bios jumper normal is post code 4F.

                      how complete cycle power ?

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                        if fix your pc?

                        i have same problem...

                        normal jumper: 4f
                        recovery:  2b.. 6 second and 31 ... 6 second

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                          The way i got around my problem was to first get the display going. Since the board does not have onboard dispay, and id did not matter what i put in the PCI-E slot, it still had no display, i had to buy a pci display card. After I installed that, i had display. The the fix was easy. I flushed the BIOS to new version and it worked.


                          A simple thing like that took met 3 days to sort out. I really think Intel should have a serious look at this issue. Since my first post i had similar issues, and i'm close to the point where i will stop buying Intel Boards because spending 3 days to fix something stupid like this, is not my idea of fun.

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                            Hi Greeny


                            You are right. I had similar problem, after powering on the sequence of 21 26 31 appeared in loop. I had to install PCI graphic card (16MB from my old pentium 120) and I changed the jumper to configure mode. In menu under video tab I changed the video graphic card from state auto detection to PCIEe and after putting the jumper to normal state, everything works flawlessly.


                            Intel should packs its motherboards with some PCI card as extra fittings, no comment