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    Iris Graphics 540 constant black screen


      Hi all,


      I have an annoying problem with my Dell XPS 13 with W10 Pro and Iris Graphics 540.



      Overnight the laptop stopped booting successfully into windows:

      1. power on the laptop

      2. key in bitlocker pwd [before anyone says, disabling bitlocker does not fix the issue]

      3. W10 loads initially (spinning circles)

      4. The load screen flickers (just when the movement of circles goes from smooth to choppy - happens on all W10 systems) and then remains black. Forever.

      5. Hard reset by pressing pwr for 4 seconds



      Rinse & Repeat, endless loop.



      When I enter into safe mode the windows boots using the basic VGA driver - laptop works perfectly fine. When I disable the iris graphics and do a clean restart - it goes into windows, no black screen at all, windows confirms it's running on basic VGA. The moment I enable Iris graphics driver - black screen straightaway.



      If I uninstall graphics drivers completely whilst in safe mode and boot into windows I get about 15-20s before windows realises that basic driver is not good and installs Iris graphics... which cause the instant black screen.


      I have tried about 3 sets of drivers installed in safe mode / full windows (recommended from dell website and directly from intel) - nothing works.



      I have since applied all the recommended dell updates for this laptop including flashing the BIOS. This helped for 1 boot when everything started working fine and I was able to jug between iris graphics and VGA while in windows - restarted the laptop and I am back at square 1.




      Google search does not help at all.



      Anyone able to help with this?