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    is my new pc stick defected?Is it definitely to be a hardware issue as I suspect?


      Hi, please forgive my poor English.


      I've bought a no officially labelled Intel Stick Pc from a chinese Ebay vendor and I received the package today. After unpacking the product I soon plugged it to my lcd television via hdmi and to ac wall electic socket and it worked fine. I used it at random for about half an hour then I turned it off to have lunch. After one hour I tested this pc to another lcd tv and it worked fine as usual so I decided to start installing some desktop apps I have on dvds and because of large time laps needed to collect this stuff and copy it to sd card I turned the pc off to avoid it staying idle too long but when I attempted to reboot it my pc has not restarted anymore with blue led always off. Because of default language being English instead of italian I had tested an app named Easy Uefi to change the boot sequence in order to completely reinstall OS and delete unuseful large partitions and I heard it to be a possible boot issue. The ac adapter is fully working, I tested it with a couple of smartphone and tablets of mine and the stick pc doesn't boot even if feeded by a 5 v 2A power bank which worked fine with this morning. Finally, to explain the whole situation, I remember the pc fans were a bit too loudly, making a high-pitched and annoying hiss.


      Is it definitely to be a hardware issue as I suspect?