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    client fails to connect Hub every 1st time


      I have a issue when setting up the intel unite as enterprise deployment.


      After configuration, everything works fine. but only one issue is, client can't connect to Hub when 1st time enter PIN code and it works if enter 2nd time, 3rd time.... If we completely close Intel unite app in client PC, reopen unite app to connect Hub by enter pin code, same problem.


      That means, client fails to connect Hub when 1st time enter PIN code and long time not enter PIN code.

      We tried config the PIN code display time to 10 minutes.

      We tried different PC and reinstall the unite server. no change.


      Attachments are the Wireshark package capture file and client app debug log.

      Description:   PIN Server IP address       Hub IP address     Client IP address      AD server IP address

      PIN Server name: IUEnterprise1

      Domen name:   bmwbrilltest.cn

      We used the Domain Certificate.


      Can you pls. give some advise how to solve?