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    Why won't board D945GCLF2 auto-boot when power restored?


      I want to embed this board in a product.  The power switch will be buried out of sight.


      The machine has one AC power switch, and I expect the user to turn it OFF at random - as users are want to do.  So I set the BIOS to restore power as was previous, thinking since its allways going to be ON, that should make it auto-boot whenever the AC power to the whole beast gets cycled.


      No joy.  So I changed the BIOS to "Always boot".  Still no joy.  Then I noticed a pattern where it WOULD work.


      I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3.  And if I do a "shutdown" in Windows before I cycle power it BOOTS!


      But if I just kill the power while Windows is still running, it does not.


      I figure this means Windows is mucking with the ACPI.  But can anybody confirm this?



      Thanks in Advance!


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          Additional information:

          - Using a computer case that includes an ATX 80W supply that runs from 5-35 VDC (I'm running it at 12).

          - My case is an A-Open M-270 (aka Morex 2788)


          New observations:

          - If I replace this DC/DC p/s with a real desktop ATX supply, the auto reboot feature WORKS!

          - Running from the DC/DC p/s, if I cycle power before Windows loads, it does not re-boot. 


          So, this seems to be something to do with the timing of the electrical signals wrt to the power rails?


          Is there a technical document on the timing of the "power up" signal that comes out of this board?  Maybe its going active while my dc/dc power supply is still booting?


          Thanks in advance, any thoughts appreciated.