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    Building iot-devkit-yp-poky-edison-20160606 does not work


      Hello everyone,

      because of some changes to download mirrors and checksums the build of the Intel image from 20160606 is not working any more.

      To make it flexible to changes I began to changed the hard integrated mata-layers (until now only meta-java) to the openembedded git branches. Now I have new dependency problems. The reason is that the sources from 20160606 are combined with poky version dizzy 1.7.3. The meta-java needs a newer version of poky.



      Before I am going to make some workarounds I have a few questions:

      • Is the Intel source for the Edison compatible to newer poky versions then 1.7.3?
      • Is there an manual to change to a newer version of poky like morty 2.2?
      • Has someone did the change already?





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