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    Intel HD 520 visual lags (stripes/brakes)


      I have a trouble with Intel HD 520 video.

      Examples of lag at photoes below:




      It doesn't a metter which resolution of video selected and also doesn't a metter wich screen resolution is set.

      I try to reinstall video driver (by uninstalling, reboot and install again) to newest one. I also updated BIOS version of my laptop HP EliteBook 850 G3 (T9X19EA) and situation still the same.

      Also, my collegue has the same laptop and the same problem.

      I can't install driver directly downloaded from Intel website, because installer call errror window with text like "you should install driver for your laptop brand version", thats why I installed from HP site.

      Lags also appears when I connect laptop to monitor via display port.


      Informoation about system:

      HP EliteBook 850 G3 (T9X19EA)

      Windows 7 x64