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    Crysis Warhead flickering smoke bug report and "solution" of this problem.


      Yes at this time smoke. I swear, almos ever single game i run have grafical bugs, and now i gona make a list. If your settings "Particles Quality" not "Minimum" in some area smoke starts flickering, yea this is solution. Mainstream, gamer, enthusiast - cause flickering.

      I attached save file where it occurs. Here screenshots how it looks like Crysis Warhead flickering smoke bug - Album on Imgur . Windows 10 64bit i3 6100 HD 530 driver 4590. GOG version feb 3 2009 v1.1.1.711 Save goes C:\Users\"YOURNAME"\Documents\My Games\Crysis_WARHEAD\SaveGames

      UPD: Goddammit, Crysis have the same problem! Crysis "smoke" bug - Album on Imgur  I was thinking why original game dont have this bug in DX9 mode...To fix it you need set "Particles Quality" set to "low" Game from GOG Version Mar 11 2008 I attached save file for original game. File goes C:\Users\"YOURNAME"\Documents\My Games\Crysis\SaveGames

      UPD2: Game suffers from another bug, if you set "Objects Quality" higher that "Mainstream" (DX10 and DX9) you will get something looks like very aggressive lod bug. Demonstration DX10 & DX9 on "Gamer"   https://gfycat.com/TangibleFavorableHoverfly https://gfycat.com/NeatBigIbadanmalimbe Here DX10 and "Mainstream" https://gfycat.com/PoorPlaintiveCatbird