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    I have intel  s1200rp server board & it give error beep 1-5-4-2 which was power fault as per discription in manual book.


      Hi there,

      Help me please.


      specs: intel s1200rp motherbard

                   intel e31246v3  3.5 ghz

                   128 gb ssd

                   8 gb ecc ram 1600 mhz

                   550 v smps

                   nvidia gtx 960 2 gb gddr5 graphis


      Running on 1kva ups


      Brought System in late 2015. worked nicely for long time error occurred once before but i ignored because later started working normally.


      but from few months i was getting error beep 1-5-4-2  once in a couple of weeks, or month . which ruins my work.


      What happened was  a glitch on screen appears couple of times and then system turns off in next second.

      I showed my system to my supplier he told me that nothing was wrong with it (actually error didn't occurred while he was testing)


      but it happened again. can you tell me what the problem could be (system works fine apart from this error)

      thank you.