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    i7-7700k graphics driver will not install.


      I attempted to get an answer in another thread with no response. So, I am unable to install ANY driver that is "Supported" by the i7-7700k

      This is the thread I attempted to pull drivers from as I'm not very computer savvy I don't understand much there.

      7700K Intel HD Graphics driver?

      I paid alot of money for this CPU and I'm pretty unhappy that I can't even get the driver they put out to install. Why is this driver even still up for download??

      Every single driver i have tried to install give this same error 

      "the computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"

      Now there looks to have been some file modification that solved this for the guy in that thread but like lol I don't see much of a explanation for those who don't know anything about this.


      I should have just bought a 6700.