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    Crysis flickering grass bug report and "solution" of this problem.


      Ok, this is old and famous bug - Intel iGPU + Crysis = grass flickering. On youtube you can find how grass looks - Aug 2015 Can it run Crysis? Intels Core i7-6700K mit HD Graphics 530 - YouTube year later Aug 2016  Intel® HD Graphics 530 Crysis 1 Performance Test | i7 6700K - YouTube

      If you type in search "crysis" you will get this https://communities.intel.com/search.jspa?q=crysis Ok i have GOG version of this game too, lets see what is going on there. I launch Crysis Warhead aaaaand grass is fine... eureka! First game uses two modes of render DX9 and dead on arrival api aka DX10. Yes first Crysis uses as default DX10 render if hardware support it and of course Intel iGPU says "Hell yeah, lets rock!"

      (- Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 (vendor = 0x8086, device = 0x1912)

      --- Video memory: 128 MB

      --- Minimum SM 2.0 support: yes

      --- DX10 supported: yes)

      -> from D:\Games\Crysis\LogBackups, but Warhead supports only DX9. And what funny, problem has a simple solution. All what you need is add in command line of shortcut -dx9, example D:\Games\Crysis\CrysisLauncher.exe -dx9 OFC people want to try legendary crysis on their iGPU but result disappointed. So drivers team, can you do something? Because people in 2017 keep torture their eyes. By the way on HD 530 and 720p game runs better than when i played on discrete card, when the game came out. Crysis flickering grass DX10 vs DX9 - Album on Imgur

      UPD: Derp, i make mistake when i said "Warhead supports only DX9". GOG installer made shortcut for Crysis Warhead with -dx9 parameter this mislead me, i am blind. But Crysis Warhead does not have a grass bug even in DX10, so we in the half way to fix the problem?

      UPD2: Nope, after 2 minutes later of gameplay grass starts flickering in DX10... you need DX9 render for Warhead too.