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    Skull Canyon sees 8 of 16gb ram



      I just bought a skull canyon a few days ago and noticed my computer does not recognize my 16gb of ram...only 8.


      How can I solve this issue?


      HyperX Impact (2x, 8GB, DDR4-2133, SO-DIMM 260 pin)



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          1. Check if both SO-DIMMs are firmly inserted into memory slot, if not fix it and check if now the 16GB is recognized.

          2. If  you didn't see any thing wrong in the memory stick installation, remove one memory stick and check if the remaining memory is recognized.

          3. Now, move the remaining memory stick to the empty memory slot and check if in this position this memory stick is recognized.

          4. Repeat para. 2 and 3 for the other memory stick.