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    L2 VM using SRIOV with 82599ES




      I am trying to run a VM that wont have an ip address but instead will work in transparent mode (like a cable). I have a PF that has 7 VFs on it and some of these VFs are part of VLAN x and some VLAN y. Here are my issues:


      1. I see that the bcast traffic is sent to all VFs regardless, can I change it so that only bcast for the related VLAN arrives on th VF?

      2. As the traffic that I generate has a different dest IP/MAC than my transparent VM, the VF should be in promiscuous mode. Is it enough to set "trust on" with ip link?


      What I am trying to do is, to pass the traffic from VM1 to VM2 over the transparent VM.

      VM1 --  TransparentVM -- VM2