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    X710 L2 filter packet steering



      I am trying to  use the x710 MAC/VLAN filtering option to steer packets to receive queues based on strict MAC address match.

      I need to filter and steer around 100 MAC addresses to 8 receive queues.  Because of the development environment constraints I cannot use

      SRIOV, IOV, VEB or flex partitioning.


      My configuration is as follows:

      Default simple switch configuration

      One PF and one VSI with 8 queues

      RSS, Ether type and Flow director filters are disabled and MAC/VLAN filter is  enabled.

      I am  setting toQueue flag to steer packets to the appropriate queue.


      However I don't see packets getting steered to the desired queue. Packet steering is not happening and packets always  land  on the same queue.

      Do I need to configure the switch with "Set Switch" command to get filtering work as described above?

      How do I initialize the VSI to support the above flow.

      Are there any other other configuration settings that need to be done to get the packets steered as described above?




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