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    NUC6i5SYH wont boot after re-adding the BIOS jumper


      Hi, I have a new NUC6i5SYH and I have been having an issue with the BIOS. I attempted to flash it, but then it went black. So then I did a BIOS restore by removing the jumper and putting the .bio file on a USB stick.


      The NUC flashes blue meaning it's processing the BIOS, and then I left it over night. I then was able to get video out of it, and I did not plug the  BIOS jumper back in. I was able to get into Visual BIOS too. I was very excited.


      And then ............


      I added the BIOS jumper back......and womp womp, lo and behold it went black again and I can't get anything to boot/load. I am trying a BIOS recovery again, but if I get into the same situation, can I just leave the BIOS jumper out forever? What happens if I do that? Why did it crap the bed when I re-added the BIOS jumper? Something else that I can do if I get the machine to load again after this recovery?