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    HD Graphics 630 - DSD over HDMI does not work


      I have an audio streamer PC based on the following components:

      - MSI B250I PRO

      - i5 7400T with HD Graphics 630 (HDMI 2.0 capable)

      - Windows 10 Home 1607, jRiver MC22

      - connected to an Onkyo PR SC5507 AV processor via HDMI


      I have a fair number of stereo and multichannel dsd files from https://www.nativedsd.com/ and other shops and I would like to stream these in DSD format to my Onkyo PR SC5507 AV processor. The processor's HDMI 1.2a input is DSD capable. I can play SACDs (both stereo and multichannel) from my Oppo BDP93 via HDMI to the Onkyo and the Onkyo shows DSD as the file format. So the Hardware of the Onkyo should not be the limiting factor here.


      When I try to play DSD files from the audio streamer PC via HDMI to the Onkyo, jRiver gives an error message that DSD playback is not supported by the Onkyo and that the file must be converted to PCM prior to sending it to the Onkyo. PCM files or DSD files that jRiver converts to PCM on the fly playback perfectly. They are shown on the Onkyo as multichannel PCM.


      All hardware in question is DSD capable (at least HDMI 1.2). However on the PC the SC5507 is identified as a PCM only playback device. I suspect that this is due to a limitation in the Intel Display Audio driver. The installed version is

      - Intel Display Audio, dated 15.9.2016


      Has anyone been able to get DSD over HDMI to work with Kaby Lake Hardware?

      Question to Intel: Is this limitation of the Intel Display Audio driver by design? DSD is a music file format that is very much en vogue with the audiophile community and Sony and many other companies at touting DSD as the best quality format available today. It seems strange that Intel would not support DSD over HDMI.


      Thanks a lot for your feedback.