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    Internet keeps dropping, Win10




      My internet keeps dropping every 10 minutes or so, it's a new computer with an ASRock B250M Pro4 motherboard, and a wired ethernet connection. My phone does not have any problems with the same router, neither did my previous computer.


      I've read a bunch of solutions around the web, the main one is to go to Device Manager -> the network adapter -> Properties -> Power Management, and then turn off the "Allow the computer to save power" option.


      This option wasn't there, and my settings looked something like this http://i.imgur.com/PBgPCSs.png which I assume is because the driver is newer than when that solution was proposed. I turned all the options in this dialog off, and it made no difference. I


      I then installed several different versions of the drivers on the intel site, some with the "save power" option, and none of them stopped the issue from occurring.


      What are my next steps?

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