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    Experimenting with mixed reality


      An updated version of this article is now available here.


      Advanced 'User Imagined Content' Design Principles For Intel Project Alloy Applications

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          Just wanted to add the thought that if you are looking to create mixed reality applications with Alloy, an excellent reference on YouTube is a long-running 1980's British TV adventure game-show show called Knightmare.  It combined real actors with computer-generated rooms that a helmet-wearing young contestant had to be guided through by a group of friends watching the mixed-reality feed on a monitor and offering audio advice to the helmet.


          Also, like Project Alloy, the helmet wearer could pick up real-world objects and use them in the CGI puzzles.


          Here's episode one from YouTube - there are numerous other ones available to watch if you YouTube for 'knightmare'.


          Knightmare Series 1 Episode 1 - YouTube