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    Windows Server 2012 R2 Installation failed SAFE_OS phase error during boot 0xc1900101-0x20017 (Perpetual spinning disk)


      This is an Intel SR2600URLXR with a S5520UR motherboard and an LSI Raid on Chip SAS controller. This is a repurposed W2008 Hyper-v core server. Windows 2008 installs just fine.

      Bios updated to the latest.

      Both Windows 2016 standard and 2012 R2 give the same results.

      I have disconnected everything except the onboard graphics and removed the 3rd NIC.

      Installs have failed booting from DVD, from EFI USB stick, and from a copy of the OS onto one of the currently unused disk drives.

      I have not found better drivers than those built into install disk.


      This is a really fine server, I would hate to discard it, but Window 2008 is not useful for what I need to do.


      Has anyone gotten this to work?


      I did not find a firmware update for the LSI SAS controller, does anyone know where to find such?


      Likewise for appropriate drivers?