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    Latest Intel Network Connections versions - NCS2Prov.exe constantly generating millions of I/O calls scanning the C drive for all *.INF files


      Platform is a Dell E6520 Latitude

      NIC is the Intel 82579LM GigE

      Windows 7 Enterprise x64, fully patched and up to date

      Drivers are the latest available from the Intel site.


      After updating to the latest version of the Intel Network Connections (INC) v20.7, 201.0 and 21.1 there is a problem when

      the Configure button in the NIC properties is selected. Among other things this launches the ncs2prov.exe with this command line.

           "C:\Program Files\Intel\NCS2\WMIProv\NCS2Prov.exe" -Embedding

      This program spends the next several minutes issuing millions of I/O calls to enumerate items in the registry and then scan what appears to be most of the C: drive looking for every *.INF it can find among other things...


      Tracing this with ProcMon from the MS System Internals tools counts >3.5 million events just from launching the program.  If the machine did not have an SSD, this process would have likely taken a VERY long time in the range of tens of minutes at least I would think.  As it is, it takes a minute or two where the machine appears to be not responding to the Configure request at first launch.


      I have tried all three of the latest versions as describe, but they all have the same issue.  Once the program is loaded finally, selecting a different tab starts the same behavior over again and a single tab can take minutes to display and update.  A tab change generates about 2.1 million events each time...


      Does anyone know how to stop this behavior?  Why is it scanning the entire C: drive looking for *.INF files?  It is not actually reading their contents most of the time that I can see, it just rescans the C: looking for them....  I know what the .INF and .CAT files are for and generally understand at least the basics of installing drivers and their support files.


      It does not appear that it actually has anything to do with the hardware platform, but is a problem with the INC software running on Windows 7 x64.


      Any thoughts as to how to stop this would be appreciated.  We can switch back to even older versions, if we knew where the problems were introduced.  Apparently this has existed for a year or maybe more based on the version we have tested thus far.  The drivers overall work well and are much better that the official Dell drivers which do not allow most of the hardware features of the NIC driver to be exposed.  (RSS, R/W buffers, TCP checksum off-loads, disable EEE, etc...)  They are performing at ~60% of the network wire speed instead of about 35% with the OEM drivers.


      Thank you,