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    Enable continuous transmit for certification tests




      we are using the Intel 7260H module in a (soon to be) commercial product and need to certify the complete product on several markets.


      For the US there is no problem, as the module itself has already FCC certification, and as we stayed within the recommended installation setup, we can use this FCC ID.


      But for some Asian countries this is different, they require an RF test of the complete product. Our certification lab now requires to perform the measurements while the WLAN module is in a very specific state:

      continuous transmit at max power at channel 6, also to select modulation/datarates or select modulation on/off to give CW & Unmodulated state.


      These are things that cannot be done with the ordinary drivers of the device. Do you have information on how this can be done or whom to contact?


      Or do you have a general how-to-guide on certification outside of the US of products with embedded Intel WLAN modules?