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    Booting from 600p M.2s causes bsod


      this is a last ditch attempt to solve this before I give up and use a sata drive.. which would be a pity.


      Im trying  use a pair of 600p M.2s in RAID0 as a boot disc for Windows 10. Whether it's RAID or just ahci, if I install windows on either drive, I got a bsod "irql_not_less_or_equal" everytime after logging in to windows. This doesn't happen when booting from sata, and I can load the irst drivers and use the m.2. Raid from windows with no problems.



      Tried two different z270 boards - Asus Prime z270a and now Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7. I have used different Memory. I have seen various forums saying to use old drivers, and have replaced the drivers with old ones and that has caused more bsod at startup.


      Any thoughts or pointer anyone?