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    Intel 600p SSD problem with TRIM






      M. 2 x 4 PCI-Express 3.0 Intel SSD 128 Gb SSDPEKKW128G7X1 600p

      Windows 7 SP1 + hotfix for NVMe

      Driver: Standard controller NVM Express (stornvme.sys)



      Can not understand, running TRIM or not. When you restart, after a short wait, TrimCheck displays the following:

      " First 16 bytes: AE 41 07 45 6C 5F 27 38 EC 17 A0 84 21 52 38 9F...

      Data is neither unchanged nor empty.

      Possible cause: another program saved data to disk,

      overwriting the sector containing our test data.



      Re-run this program and wait less before verifying / try to

      minimize writes to drive C:."


      Codes in the “First 16 bytes:” are constantly the same, instead of 00. What's the problem?

      Thankful in advance.

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