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    INTEL GRAPHISC 620 dell inspirion 5567


      Hello everyone



      First of all i have big problem with my graphics card. I'm boring of trying update my card, I have brand new dell inspirion 5567 i7 etc and

      the latest driver of card it's - and Date of driver 23.09.2016


      I download latest version The graphics driver and i still trying install this . Everything looks great , i have done instalation but when i go to show what's version of my driver card 620 there it's wrote and Date of driver 23.09.2016. Why i can't update to latest version of driver 4590? It looks as it has never been updated my card. I Was playing in GTA 5 and sometimes my fps going under 30 , and for a moment going up to 45 .. Somebody know what should i do?