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    Edison power supply, minimal current ?



      I use the INTEL EDISON in my application, and in its datasheet, we can supply it between 3.15 and 4.5V.

      I would like to use a 3.3V (because it is possible..), but when I make it, sometimes the Edison starts and sometimes not, or switch off later.

      I think, it's because there is an electrical voltage drop (3.3V -> 3.10 / 3.15V)

      But my power supply is reliable, it's a vigortronix 5W 3.3V.

      What yo recommend me? It is really possible to use a 3.3V power supply for the Edison in 3.3V, and with which power?

      Or no, and i must use an adjustable regulator, but with which power for my power block before?

      Or other things.