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    Alternative to RealSense Web Component


      Hi everyone,


      After the news that the RealSense WebPlayer component is to be discontinued due to a security vulnerability, I just wanted to make people aware that there is an alternative for RealSense projects requiring online functionality that is not affected by this announcement.


      The Unity game creation engine has its own online networking system called UNet that can be used to create online-enabled multi-user sessions.  In UNet, one user's PC acts as as the server host, and others can connect to that host's session as clients and all meet in the same online environment, seeing each other's inputs all together in one place.


      In my own UNet-enabled PC game project, avatars can go seamlessly from offline to online and back to offline again, controlling the avatar object's movements and actions with the RealSense camera.


      Whilst using a UNet-equipped application is not as convenient as being able to visit a browser page, it does provide a powerful means of joining camera users together in a shared online session.


      You can learn more about Unity UNet on this information page.


      Unity - Multiplayer Networking


      You are also welcome to post questions about UNet on this discussion and I will be happy to help you with them.