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    NUC6i7KYK Windows 10 front-panel headset issues with default driver and Realtek one




      Setup of Windows 10 (Insider Preview, 14986, Slow ring). I normally output audio via DisplayPort (Intel Display Audio).


      Using default drivers (High Definition Audio Device) incorrectly detects headset as simple *headphone*, not allowing microphone to be used.


      Decided to install latest ALC audio drivers for NUC6i7KYK ( Now Realtek dialog is shown when plugged in headset and microphone works, however after headset unplug, audio no longer plays back via DisplayPort and requires switch of video output until it recovers (but playback device still shows as enabled).


      I couldn't find a way for Windows 10 to allow me change the detected headphones and switch them into headset and also unable to find a way to properly restore audio after unplug front panel jack.


      Any suggestions or changes are highly appreciated.


      Thank you.