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    Can a Intel R HD 5500 graphic support two vga monitors


      I have an asus F555L laptom with a Intel R HD 5500 graphics card.  I have two external VGA monitors.  I would like to utilize them.  If I connect just one of the monitors to the VGA input on my laptop I can use them no problem and independently.  I bought a usb to VGA adapter and plug that in for the 2nd external monitor and nothing happens

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          Hello Taz0305,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          Yes, the Intel® HD Graphics 5500 supports two monitors. The problem you have is that you are using an adapter from USB to VGA and this conversion will never work, please bear in mind that USB is only to pass information from one device to another but it does not output any video.
          In order for you to get dual display with this computer you can connect a VGA cable from the Laptop to the monitor and get an HDMI cable to connect from the Laptop to a HDMI port on the monitor if the monitor has HDMI ports.
          As well you can try a HDMI to VGA converter to connect the VGA monitor but I cannot guarantee performance or full functionality, you can check for an adapter at:
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