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    Atom Atom 5th generation (x5-E3***) support for WEC 7 or 2013


      Hi all,


      I looked the specs about Atom 5th generation processors (I was particularly interested in Atom x5-E3930), and found drivers only for Windows 10 or Windows 10 IoT, and there is no mentions to Windows Embedded Compact (WEC) 7 or 2013. Talking with a COM Express module supplier, they said that this generation of Atom does not support WEC 7 or 2013, only Windows 10.


      As WEC 7 and 2013 are real-time and Windows 10 and even Windows 10 IoT are not, I wonder if Atom is not targeted at embedded applications anymore.


      Does anybody know whether Intel plans to provide support for WEC in Atom 5th generation or above?