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    Activating advanced adapter settings with Intel Proset Admin tool


      We are configuring advanced adapter settings to meet the wireless networking needs for our users in the office. The settings have been configured using the Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for IT administrators.


      We have created a package using the PROSet Admin tool and it successfully changes the advanced settings in the adapter. The issue here is the settings do not get activated until device manager is opened with Administrative rights and the clicking OK on the adapter properties window. I believe there are no values that we can set to activate the settings - just changing the settings is not helping us.


      The users do not have administrative rights on their Windows 7 computers. How do we activate the settings when we apply this package on the computer. Wireless connectivity should disconnect when package is applied, but it doesn't. I haven't tried switching the wireless button ON/OFF. How do we achieve this for around 100 users without requiring them to manually activate the advanced settings.