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    KabyLake PCI Express Root Port #10


      I am using 7700K this time.

      The main board is Asrock Fatality Gaming K6

      The OS is Windows 10 Home.

      But in Device Manager, there is an exclamation point.

      So if you look

      "KabyLake PCI Express Root Port # 10 - A2b1" This is the message."

      So if you look at properties

      "The device does not work properly because Windows can not load the required driver (code 31).

      The specified request is an invalid operation on the target device. "

      I get this message.

      How does this exclamation disappear?

      Is there no problem without using this?


      I've reinstalled Windows several times to fix this.


      But it did not work out.

      I want you to solve it.

      Thanks for reading.