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    DH55HC AND I5-750


      I just purchased a DH55HC MB and an I5-750 processor + 4gb RAM (2X2 patriot 1333mhz - 1.7v)

      Although this board has video integrated function, I could not get any signal out to the monitor, therefore I added a video card ATI Radeon HD 4670 and nada...

      I changed the Intel MB to an MSI P55-CD53 with the same processor and RAM, et voila, everything works perfectly.

      Does anyone have a plausible explanation for that?

      Thank you

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          Hi, your i5-750 (Lynnfield) don't have integrateted video. You need one of the newer Clarkdale i3 or i5, they have integrated graphics, not the board.

          You should also use only memories with max. 1,65v. Higher could damage the cpu. For maximal compatibility look at the intel compatibility list of your mainboard. My DH55HC runns only stable with one of these memories (micron). I use a i3-530 with int. video and running dual monitors. Primary on HDMI and 2nd on DVI. You will not see your desktop if you use the DVI as primary.