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    Black screen and vertical lines every few seconds with new i7 6700 skylake.




      I recently built a new system. I have the following hardware...


      Intel i7 quadcore 6700 skylake cpu

      asus  rog formula viii motherboard

      hp 6835 wireless printer

      Gateway fhx2300 hd monitor connected via hdmi. This monitor has beautiful color and clarity.

      western digital 6tb hard drive

      ripjaws 32gb memory

      windows 7 professional 64 bit.

      I primarily use firefox


      My system at this time is basically empty. So there is very little for conflicts. Since I built this system I have had display issues that have made this system unusable.

      Every 5 seconds or less my display goes to black or will have blue and yellow vertical lines. ( those are the colors from my firefox theme picture). After much research it has led me to an intel issue.

      I'm really disappointed after spending $1300 to build this system I can't even use it. The black screen happens randomly. Sometimes it is as soon as it boots up and other times you can use the system for 20 minutes and then it starts. Once it occurs it happens consistently every 5-10 seconds. Rebooting does not resolve this issue. This issue happens using firefox and happens just sitting on the desktop with nothing running. I have tried changing the cords from hdmi to displayport, but no difference. I have the latest intel 530 driver and it is even worse than the last one. I have the latest firefox version as well.

      Any help I can get to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. I am currently a nursing student and it is a great hindrance to not be able to use my computer when I need to access course material.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.