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    Intels return address enquiry



      I have just applied for a return of an Intel device, I have all the details and the RMA done and everything has been verified with Intel support with an SWR case number.  Everything is packed and ready for pick up by DHL on Friday.


      I have just one enquiry about the address as it is DHL Supply Chain, Zwenkgras 23, Beringe 5986 PM, Netherlands.


      Is this right, for the return of goods to Intel? or am I about to be conned and post it out to a fraudulent scam, as I have checked online and it does not mention anything about Intel in the address.

      The only reason I ask is that I have just had a cold call, on a 0800 number claiming to be from SKY offering me a comparison offer on my mobile number.

      I don't give out my details to anyone not even my mobile number, but recently I had to give Intel the number, my name and address.  for the return of this device.


      It just seems odd that I do this return then get this cold call the same day, so I thought I would question the address here.