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    PCIe interface


      For the Joule module, it's advertised to have a PCIe-x1 interface multiplexed with USB3, Port1.  Has this interface been tested, and is it supported?  It is not mentioned in the expansion board design guide.


      We would like to use a PCIe Packet Switch to two downstream PCIe devices: GbE and SATA.  Since the diff pairs are multiplexed, how do you set it for PCIe?




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          Hi Scott,

          Thank you for your interest in the Joule platform.
          Yes, there’s a PCIe slot in the Joule, however, the current BIOS doesn’t enable the connector so it would be necessary a new BIOS which is currently not available and there’s no ETA for it yet. If I’m not mistaken some months ago another user used a custom carrier board along with the Joule and apparently was able to edit the BIOS to enable the PCIe connector. You can check it here https://communities.intel.com/thread/108364.