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    Edison WI-FI in Monitor Mode?


      Hi All,


           I am aware of previous posts related to this problem and just posting to see if anybody has found a solution in the past few months. The status of my device is that I can now get it into Monitor Mode but it does not pick up any data and soon drops out of the mode back to its original state. Anybody had any better luck?



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          Hello tdk1,

          Thank you for interest in the Intel® Edison Breakout Board.

          The possibility of the Monitor Mode feature is something that depends on the release of a new kernel (estimate date of release not available). That’s because, even though the driver supports BCM43340, the support is for the kernel version 4.0 (Edison board uses kernel version 3.10.17).

          For more information, please check the following thread https://communities.intel.com/message/366395#366395, it presents the latest discussion on this topic.

          Andres V.