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    DH55HC temperature problem!


      those values are quite high. i checked fans but they are ok!

      and my cpu runing around 60C under BIOS

      how can i solve this problem?

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          Javed Lodhi


          First of all, FYI this community is solely dedicated to Intel vPro technology and it's related issues. Your query is typically intended for our Motherboard community and I would encourage you to post your queries regarding Motherboard next time there to receive a prompt response.

          Now, reverting to your question, you have posted this issue twice already but you have not mentioned the environment conditions as in the temperature and humidity level of your room where you are using this computers. Moreover, if you have not referred to the support page of this motherboard, I would suggest you to check out the following URL that solely discusses thermal issues regarding DH55HC and you're most likely to find an answer to your problem however in case you still don't, feel free to contact us.


          Thank you, have a great day!


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          Javed Lodhi

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