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    D945GCNL will not have DMA enabled in Windows 7, only XP!


      I installed Windows 7 (32-bit) and downloaded/installed the appropriate Chipset etc. drivers for it. The only problem is that the DVDRW (Pioneer DVR-216D) is now stuck in PIO mode.


      I then followed the Win7 Help instructions and went into device manager, and the appropriate Channel to select ATAPI Cdrom which shows as PIOMode4. Then I checked the "DMA enabled" box and clicked OK.

      The window refreshes and the "DMA enabled" box is unchecked again, so it looks like I cannot change it from there.


      Then I tried uninstalling the Microsoft driver for it, rebooted and let Windows 7 install the driver again, but it still stays in PIO mode!

      The Pioneer website just says that the DVR-216D works with Vista using the Microsoft driver (no mention of Windows 7.)


      So I then re-installed XP (32-bit) and it is fine again  (DMA is enabled) and the DVD that took 27 minutes to copy to Hard Drive now only takes 7 minutes.


      The only difference I can think of was that, for XP, I used the Intel driver installer CD so the chipset driver I installed would be an older version than the latest version I downloaded/installed for Windows 7. I am not sure if the latest would be a problem though.


      There are BIOS updates for this board, but reading the notes none of them seem relevant to this problem.


      Does anyone have an idea what I could try to get Windows 7 working in DMA mode when using this Motherboard? It is just the DVDRW, the hard drives are both in DMA mode.


      Also I would be interested to know if anyone, using the D945GCNL and Windows 7, has got a DVDRW working in DMA mode?


      Many thanks for any replies.