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    Intel G41 Express Spec Conflict


      I have a Optiplex 380 and a Vostro 230.

      Both have the same G41 Express chip set, but the Vostro specs say that the max ram is 4GB and the Optiplex specs say the max is 8GB.

      So which is the correct specs because I also want to put the 3GHZ Quad into the optiplex 380 that I was planning to put into the Vostro.

      Please guys let me know what are the ram and processor maximum configurations for both machines.

      Thank You

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          Intel Corporation
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          Memory specifications for the Intel®  4 series chipset

          • System Memory Interface
          — One or two channels (each channel consisting of 64 data lines)
          — Single or Dual Channel memory organization
          — DDR2-800/667 frequencies
          — DDR3-1066/800 frequencies
          — Unbuffered, non-ECC DIMMs only
          — Supports 2-Gb, 1-Gb, 512-Mb DDR2 and 1-Gb, 512-Mb DDR3 technologies for x8 and x16 devices
          — 16 GB maximum memory
          You can confirm this information here

          Please bear in mind that memory capacity depends on the motherboard BIOS and the computer manufacturer, in your case, Dell. The same statement applies for processor compatibility if you are looking for processor upgrade on Dell or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) you need to refer to your computer manual or contacting Dell directly for instructions.