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    Unable to migrate from Non RAID to RAID 1 on Win 7




      I have a problem to setup a RAID 1 on Win 7. I have a MSI P55-GD65 Board with two SATA HDDs (same size, revision and manufacturer). One of them is already running Win 7, the other one is new. Currently in BIOS the RAID Mode is set to AHCI. It seems that this is the reason why I am not able to create a RAID 1 by Intel's Rapid Storage Technology Tool. Within that tool there is no option available to setup a RAID. When I understand the documentation correctly, one must enable the RAID mode in BIOS, but when I turn on the RAID mode in BIOS my Win 7 won't start anymore. Even a repair by Win 7 isn't possible.

      The board's documentation suggests to use the RAID tool that is usable during the boot process only if a new OS should be installed.


      Just in case it matters: I had already a running RAID 1 on an other mainboard with another chipset. But since one HDD and the board were broken I bought the above mentioned board. During installation of the new board I turned on AHCI, since I had only 1 HDD remaining, made a repair installation of Win 7 and everything (except RAID) was working fine again. There was no new installation of the OS necessary.


      Any help is appreciated.