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    How can I fix my Intel wireless AC7265 frequent connection issues?


      About a year ago I bought a Asus ROG GL552VW that comes with an Intel AC7265 wireless card. When I first got the computer I had frequent disconnect/lag issues. I was able to fix the issue by setting the wireless card settings to those recommended here: AC-7265 Frequent disconnects/Painfully slow when connected and by disabling the Bluetooth device under device manager. Recently though, my hard drive crashed and I had to get a new hard drive with a fresh install of windows. I found the issue now persists even after I went back and changed the settings to the same as before. This issue is most apparent when I'm playing DOTA2 as I frequently notice connection issues lasting anywhere from 3-7 seconds. This happens sporadically. I'm using the same wireless router as before, when I had no issues. I have tried rolling back the driver and the issue persists regardless. Any help would be much appreciated.